Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walk Outside

I don't have class on Tuesday and Friday. Normally, I go down to Rogues Gallery for my Internship, but this week they don't need me. On Tuesday, it was a balmy 25 degrees and bluebird in Waterville, so I decided to don my favorite outfit (pictured below) and go out and wonder.
Here are some things I saw on Tuesday that caught my eye and help describe the state of things in central Maine.

It never stays cold enough in the Northwest to salt the roads so nothing ever rusts. I really liked this rusted out Chevy set in the backdrop of an abandoned barn.

America, Fuck Yeah!

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Tucker said...

You have a very good eye, Foster. Keep up the good work.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for reading my blog tucker, hope all is well,

author said...

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Unknown said...

what kind of boots are those.

Foster Huntington said...

those are danner mountain lights.

Anonymous said...


Love the flag on the barn shot.


Foster Huntington said...

thanks jP. hope your having an awesome time Guatemala. keeping taking photos.

This is were to make orders: said...

Howd you do that cloths shot?


Neat post bro. Where is the first pic taken?

Angelo said...

Good stuff Foster.

To respond to your comment awhile back about boots: I looked into Danner and I'd definitely love to support locally made gear, but they're a little too heavy for me. It's not quite as snowy back here, as you know, so I wanted something I could wear even when the weather wasn't so dire. I like that I don't have to lace my Sperry boots all the way up every time I put them on casually. Plus, Kanye has the Sperry boots, so I had to get em'.

Foster Huntington said...

yeah they are pretty heavy. I tried on the sperrys once but the fit my photo weird. you should have check out some rogues gallery boots.