Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Want To Fly

I often dream that I can fly. Not in the Superman, defying gravity and flying straight up kind of way, but in the Batman, jumping off a building and gliding way. This unceasing desire drives me to search the internet every couple months for the latest and greatest in human gliding. Sometime in I will do this.

This is most dangerous sport in the world, I wonder why.

For $1500 you can get a state-of-the-art Phoenix Vampire 3 wingsuit. Its about as close to Batman as you can get.

Think of a wonderful thought...

Here are some more links,
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A TIME TO GET said...

I know Jeb Corliss, the guy behind the wingsuit. YouTube his attempt to jump off the Empire State. Pretty funny. He snuck all his gear in by wearing a "fat" suit. When he tries to jump, his face is still fat with all the make up and prothetics. Amazing.

Foster Huntington said...

that guy is wild i have seen that video before. he is wild. how do you know him?

A TIME TO GET said...

My friend was producing a show he was doing, and his wife was Jeb's agent. My friend is the guy walking right behind Jeb in the Empire video. Funny, as soon as the cops swarmed, my buddy bailed. HA. There's also a great one of Jeb jumping out of his hotel window in NYC.

Foster Huntington said...

What a wild dude. I wonder whats going on with him trying to land without a parachute.