Friday, August 28, 2009

Out of Reception: Hurricane Bill and a 30ft Mechanic

Last weekend, Hurricane Bill skirted the Maine coast sending fifteen foot waves and torrential downpours inland.

I spotted this 30ft mechanic outside of an abandoned motorcycle dealership south of Augusta.

Low tide on Popham Beach.

Hurricane Bill crashing at Popham Beach.

Elizabeth Atterbury


I know i am wearing the same outfit as last weeks Out of Reception post but I love it. Well worn 15 ounce Naked and Famous Jeans, Gingham Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt, and LL Bean Blucher Moc, a definite staple of my summer.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taking Photos of Lobster Buoys

On Sunday the 16th, I spent hours chasing around buoys in Casco Bay near East Harpswell, Maine in a small inflatable boat. I was at the bow looking through the view finder of my Canon and Emma was at the stern steering.
Looking through the photos of an earlier boat ride inspired me to make a compilation of twenty-five or more images of different lobster buoys. I wanted to show the different designs and colors by limiting the variables and focusing on one buoy at a time.
Emma could barely hear my mumbles to turn tighter or move closer over the churn of the 4-horsepower Evinrude engine.

A view of Pinkham Point where I lived for two weeks this summer in the blue tent. Every morning I woke up to the sound of lobster boats going out to claim their stake of Maine's troubled cash crop. Lobster buoys speckled the bay like cows in a field.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Out of Reception: iPhone Instants from Maine

As one would expect, cell reception in Maine is spotty at best. If I were writing copy for a Maine Cell phone company, it would go something like this, "Our service ends awkward conversations early so you don't have to."

So what is a cell phone that rarely gets reception good for? Taking pictures.

These photos were all taken within the last week and edited with Camerabag's Instant application.

Once a week I am going to post under the label out of reception photos from my iPhone with the hope of capturing more spontaneous images uninhibited by a cumbersome DSLR like my Canon 5d Mark II.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Changing Seasons: Summer

I love season changes. They keep me honest and remind that there are things out of my control. On August 15th, I moved my carload of personal possessions into my new apartment and stopped by the deserted Colby College campus to take a new picture. It was 95° and my gingham shirt stuck to my back as I threw up my Vans Era with my left hand and photographed it with my right hand.

My LL Bean Bucks overlooking a the Colby Quad on chilly fall afternoon in mid October.

My Paul Smith Canvas Sneakers overlooking two feet of packed snow on the Colby Quad in mid January.

My Common Projects overlooking the Colby Quad in late April.

My Vans Eras flying over the Colby Quad on a hot a humid day in mid August.

I have all four seasons now which means that I am quickly approaching the one year mark with A Restless Transplant. Time flies...

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lobster Buoys in Casco Bay Maine

Every lobster boat in Casco Bay has a their own lobster buoy.
Lobster fishermen rely on the bright colors of their buoys to differentiated from the hundreds of other lobster boats in the region.

I love the black, white and neon green with the X. This one is my favorite.

This reminds me of a whistle.

What would your colors be?

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