Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Route 137

Route 137 cuts through the middle of central Maine farm country from Winslow to Belfast. Here are some photos from a recent trip displaying the state of the nation.

Iceacles on the door of another stereotypical New England Barn.

This sky blue paint and oxidized copper roof caught my eye.

This house was built in 1801. Check out the Picasa page for more pics.

Unfortunately I think the happiness Express is out of order indefinitely.


james at 10engines said...

love the snaps. somehow you make even maine and VT look big sky... best.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the complements james. where in vt are you from?

Jon Gaffney said...


Nice pics. My family has a house on Little Sebago and those pics remind me of the surrounding area before it got real developed. I saw your response to me on the bearded guy post. Colby's a great school. York is nice, you get to live in ME on the coast, but be within an hour of Boston, Portland, and Manchester which is cool.

Victoria Thorne said...

love the happiness express.

hope it isn't out of service of long.

Foster Huntington said...

Yorks in an awesome location. i wish colby was a little further south and closer to the water.

Foster Huntington said...

I am sure for a small fee you could resurrect it out in the bay area!