Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spencer and his Brooks Brothers Duffle Coat

Last weekend I went to the beach with Spencer, a friend from Portland and fellow Colby student. Spencer has a modern preppy sense of style, incorporating contemporary staples like Nudie Jeans and Vans Authentics and more conventionally preppy classics like J-Crew and Brooks Brothers.
Although not preppy in the typical, Preppy Handbook way, Spencer's clothes are understated, well made, and wearable in many situations. In these photos Spencer is wearing all white Vans Authentics, a Pendleton wool shirt (under the coat), dark Nudie Jeans and a Brooks Brothers Duffle Coat (which I really like).

This block of ice was carried hundreds of feet above the shoreline by high tide, similar to the smaller blocks of ice in the mouth of the Kennebec River.

Spencer shows that preppy does not just have to be pastel polo shirts, khaki pants, and boat shoes, but can be a mix of modern and classics.


Foster Huntington said...

Thanks kyle. Do you hear that spencer, you gotta hem your shit. or roll them up.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, your advice has been taking into consideration. Thank you.

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