Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LL Bean Headquarters

After overstaying our welcome at the Brunswick factory, we headed down to Freeport to see the headquarters and meet with Jim Hauptman in design and Anne Smith in footwear. Here is some artwork from the hallways of LL Bean that caught my eye.

LL Bean is a brand very much anchored in creating great, long-lasting footwear. Our tour of the offices started with a sit down chat with Anne Smith to discuss the Bean boot, LL Bean's current offerings, and what's in the pipeline. Here are some things that caught my eye and be sure to check out Max's article on LL Bean's American made work boot.

I have always liked the silhouette of the high top deck shoe (My love for Rogues' boot prompted me to pursue an internship there). For fall '09, LL bean is releasing this full-grain deck boot. Unlike with many other high top deck shoes, LL Bean makes no compromises on comfort or support.

I am thinking about getting a pair of these to wear in the winter along side my Danner Mountain Lights II.

Full grain Bison Chukka Boot available here for $99.

In addition to the full grain finish, it also comes in waxed Bison leather. Unfortunately, none of these boots are made in the US...

After chatting with Anne for half an hour we walked over a couple cubicles to chat with Jim Hauptman, LL Bean's man in charge of design.

Max and Jim discussing LL Bean's plan to expand retail locations and what it's like to run design for a company that until 6 years ago, didn't have an official design department. We also discussed LL Bean's unwavering stance on the current heritage craze in menswear. Check out Max's article for more on this.

Here's the Idea Board in Jim's Office. I love the trail map printed backpack idea, or maybe even a trail map printed boat & tote?

Be sure to check out Max's article later this afternoon for more on out visit.

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