Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr. Williams and His Pink Suit

I met Mr. Williams in Charleston. I loved his pink suit and his facial expressions.

Originally from New York, Mr. Williams told us that he met Muhamid Ali once and that Ali complemented him on his style.

Even his tongue matched his outfit.

Pink "Gator'" shoes as he called them.

He reminded me of the Mayor in "Do The Right Thing," offering sage like advice to all.

Here are some more links,
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Anonymous said...

i should match my outfits to my tongue more often...and thanks to lollipops i won't only have to wear pink

Anonymous said...

haha welcome to the south, foster, there are some characters down there. even though this gent is originally from ny, he's clearly picked up the southern charm.

Foster Huntington said...

I am going to try to incorporate this into my wardrobe too. I tried to shoot a video of him talking but the formatting was all messed up. he reminded me of the mayor in do the right thing. People were coming up at talking to him like he was a Charleston land mark. he was loving it,

Trader said...

I really like your photos. Congratulations.
Points please:

Foster Huntington said...

I am glad you like them, thanks for checking them out.

greenjeans said...

I remember I used to always want a pair of gators growing up...they sold them in all the fancy men's stores here in Detroit. That guy is awesome. Old man style rules.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the hook-up.

Unknown said...

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Sildenafil said...

That's funny seeing this man in his pink suit but I think he's a little bit old to do that, also people can figure out he's gay.