Friday, March 6, 2009

Portraits from the Rockland Waterbreak and Lighthouse

Here are some portraits from the trip to the Rockland Breakwater and Lighthouse.

Nick's beloved Barbour Moorland Jacket.

These boots are made for walking.

I really like the green and the rust.

Nick recently got an offer from Goldman Sachs for a summer internship. I would be Whistlin' too.

Yours truly. Yes, I know, I need a haircut.

Here are some more links,
Barbour Moorland Jacket,


Lesli Larson said...

Love that Moorland jacket in the sandstone sylkoil fabric. Very classy.

Foster Huntington said...

its a great jacket, i am envious. when are we going to make our post?

NSW said...

Thanks for the compliment! Foster really can make anybody/anything look good, but with with me it was easy. heh jk.

viagra said...

Beautiful pictures, I love what you wore that day, beautiful combination.