Thursday, March 26, 2009

The People of Bristol

The people at the Food City 500 were happy. They were not concerned with impressing others or what they were doing on Monday. Here are some people I saw.

Note the cozy protected Busch Latte and the cooler packed to the rim.

This guy was one of the nicest cops I have ever met.

I would not mess with this guy's daughter nor ask him for his second cigar, in his breast pocket.

America Fuck Yeah!

NASCAR cars use bright colors to differentiate themselves from the other racers. These neons, reds, yellows and blues translate into the t-shirts worn by avid fans.

Who's looking at who?

I love his Wallabee style boots and denim overalls.

Note the cigs in his sleeve.

After the race, this guy was grinning.

Looking good.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun, but I honestly don't know how long I could take it. Hats off to you, friend.

Foster Huntington said...

It was a rediculous scene. I'm glad I experienced but I think once is enough.

greenjeans said...

'Once is enough'. haha. How long was the whole thing? I do love that old guy with the wallabees...and cigs rolled in sleeves.

Foster Huntington said...

well we showed up at 1030 am and left at 9 pm. there were certainly some characters.

Isaac Buie said...

Such a cool post. It's nice to see a totally alien atmosphere to me through your perspective. The people showcased seriously look so cool without any regard for "style" in the general sense. They fit in to kind of a laid back rural blue collar look. Ingenious work.

kadler said...
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kadler said...

Haha, love the old men with earphones.

Reminds me of growing up in Virginia. The first date a boy ever asked me out on was to attend a NASCAR race. I regretfully declined.

Foster Huntington said...

That would have been an amazing date...i probably would have fallen asleep.