Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Norumbega Inn: Camden Maine

Norumbega Inn, or "The Castle by the Sea," looks over Penobscot Bay off Route 1 in Camden, Maine. Last weekend, while wondering around the central Maine coast, I stumbled across the misplaced castle.

Built in 1886, the Norumbega Inn is named after the mythical North American viking settlement. It has 10 rooms and 2 suites. Rooms Range from $105, for the Fountainbleau, to $425, for the Penthouse.

On March 20 and 21st, the Norumbega Inn will host a themed Murder Mystery Weekend. According to the website, "AFTER RESERVATIONS ARE CONFIRMED, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CALL FROM THE DIRECTOR, IN PREPARATION FOR THE CASTING OF YOUR CHARACTER ROLE. A COUPLE OF WEEKS PRIOR TO THE MURDER MYSTERY WEEKEND, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INFORMATIONAL PACKET. INCLUDED WILL BE YOUR CHARACTER ROLE." Characters are urged to stay in character for the weekend. Think of a game of Clue played out in real life in a castle on the central Maine coast.

Here is an example of what some of the rooms look like.

The castle is built entirely of stone and wood and has had few renovations since 1886. I can't wait to spend the night and see what its like.

Here are some more links,
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Anonymous said...

A stone mason's dream. FH, money. I never say that. Money. You find the coolest stuff!

~ Max

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for praises max. I am glad you like it. The places was awesome.


needless to say this place is beautiful. did you meet the owners? or find out who they are?

Foster Huntington said...

i didnt meet the owners. but we should consider staying their sometime next year for a special occasion. My dad is coming up in a month and we are going spend a night.

Anonymous said...

look, i realize that maine is pretty cool. i dig the whole sailing culture thing, rogues gallery, the lighthouses, and the lobster boils. now i find out they have castles. this is ridiculous haha. good stuff though.

Foster Huntington said...

i couldnt believe they had castles in maine either. it blew my mind when i drove by.

Unknown said...

Foster Huntington said...

amazing, thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

I (accidentally) stayed here a few years ago and really enjoyed it. If I remember correctly, Swan Island Blankets is just up Rt. 1 a bit. Worth checking out if you haven't already.

Enjoy the blog. Keep up the great work!

Foster Huntington said...

I am staying there in a month with my dad, i cant wait. Those blankets are awesome, but damn are they spendy.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Spendy, yes. But probably worth far more in the long run. Your grandchildren will agree...

Another old ME hotel worth seeing is the Grey Havens Inn near Bath (Georgetown).

While you are there, check out the "prettiest harbor in Maine" at Five Islands.

Man I miss the east coast!

Foster Huntington said...

i will check those out. Where do you live now?

Anonymous said...

I live in San Francisco.

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