Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sailing Tackle

This summer I played on sailboats in Casco Bay with the help of the Becks. As much as I enjoy playing in the water and going fast over the chop, the technical aspect of lines, pulleys and cleats captivates me in the same way that Legos consumed my life when I was seven. Call me a nerd, but this hardware tells just as relevant of a story as gas pedal, steering wheel, and shifter tells the story of driving.

This collection of images of nautical tackle sets the scene and anchors

That's not my foot, but that's my camera and flash.

To differentiate between lines, sailors rely on bright colors.

I love the rust and remnants of mussel shells.

A high school English teacher, Art Leo, once told me that descriptive detail makes a story real and memorable. I like these sailing details because they tell an anonymous story that anyone could be a part of.

Here are some more links,
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Meanoch said...

I understand why, and note that you made sure to identify the foot in the image is not yours.

By the way, the Word Verification is 'flutes' - cool!

Isaac Buie said...

I believe in details as well. Especially of the sailboat variety! Beautiful post.