Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flying with Carroll

Last week my friend Carroll flew up from Portland in a Cessna 182 and picked me up at the Waterville airport.
For an hour we buzzed around the Belgrade Lakes region of central Maine looking at places I know very well from a different perspective.

Carroll grew up in Wayne, Maine, which is a twenty minute flight from Waterville in a 182. In preparation of our buzzing above the 500 foot ceiling, Carroll called his parents to warn them of an imminent flyby.

Leon Leonwood Bean's high school.

Carroll's game face. After graduating from Williams College, Carroll joined the Marines and flew helicopters for eight years.
A look at my future Alma Mater from about twelve hundred feet.

I love flying and airplanes but have the wrong personality to be a pilot. Instead of paying attention to the numerous dials and gauges, I was busy looking outside, stupefied by landscape. I will leave the flying to people like Carroll.

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