Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maine's Ultimate Yard Sale

Soon after returning to Maine, nearly two months ago, I heard radio advertisements for a large yard sale. On Saturday morning, I drove down to Scarborough to attend the second annual Maine's Ultimate Yard Sale.

This dude ran the show.

As with all yard sales, gems are hidden by dozens of old Titanic VHS's, old football cleats and the occasional old set of skis. After two hours of digging, I found these gems and horded them like a seagull with a sandwich.

A Woolrich Hunting Jacket. Fits like a Charm

An American Classic.

Any Woolrich aficionados know when this label is from?

Love the Game Pocket.

This was my find of the day, a Money Clip/pocket knife made by an insurance company called Manufacture's Mutual.

I assume they gave these out as gifts. Check out the deployed blades. Deadly...

Powderhouse Mountaineering was a short lived outwear company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They were popular in the seventies and eighties making 60/40 parkas and down jackets.

Many of their details can be seen today in Japanese retro-technical outerwear such as Visvim.

Made in the U.S.A!

I love the pocket and button details, especially the Powderhorn label.

Stanley Handyman Spring Joints Measuring Stick.

72 inches of American workmanship.

Cool little shoe form.

I couldn't say no for $1.

I love yard sales because you never know what your going to find. Before last Saturday I had no idea what Manufacture's Mutual or Powederhorn Industries was. In the end I spent a whopping 42 dollars US currency and walked away with an invaluable smile on my face.

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L.A.S said...

That Powderhorn jacket is boss...the red zipper makes for an amazing detail that really takes the jacket to a whole different level. Great finds overall, though the collar on the Woolrich isn't really my speed...

J. Everett Dixon said...

I believe that's a 60's-70's era Woolrich label. Nice find... I love the collars on those old hunting jackets.

Foster Huntington said...

I like the collars a lot too, they look a lot better on. I had a blast finding the stuff.

World Elephant said...

Great finds. I want that money-clip.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Looks like it was a great day for an outdoor sale, too. I had a Woolrich hunting coat with that same collar year's ago. It was a great jacket. Gotta' like the game pocket.

Foster Huntington said...

The weather was perfect. Now i just need to get some game to put in the pocket.

Foster Huntington said...

and AHip,
you cant have my money clip!

Angelo said...

components stole my comment.

JOA said...

Nice gets, Foster. I have the same jacket, though mine has a red quilted lining. My dad passed it on to me along with, ironically, a money clip similar to yours. His had the knives, but featured an engraved ship on the face (he was a career Navy man).

Anyway, good stuff. Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Amazing finds. You lucky dog!

R4TH said...

pretty tame for a powderhorn piece, most have alternate color yolke etc-nice.

Michael said...

Great find on that Woolrich jacket. I am green with envy.

Cal said...

Nice Pictures. Nice scores!
Hope all is going well back in Maine/School.
Don't forget your friends at PRL if you come across some cool vintage flannels.

Foster Huntington said...

Im glad to hear from you. I will keep my eyes out for some flannel for you guys. I have been riding some northern waves? Did you have a good time in the jerse surfing in august?

Blank Label (www.blank-label.com) said...

awesome steals. especially the lumberjack shirt =)

Anonymous said...

Powderhorn is still designing ski wear Jackson Hole, but now they are manufactured in Switzerland and the look is really technical. Great find.

Foster Huntington said...

I checked out there new stuff. It felt a little cheesey.

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