Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring in Harpswell Maine

The snow is melting on the Maine shoreline. No longer do ice blocks litter the beaches like driftwood. Early Saturday morning, I walked around taking photos of Harpswell, a small, stereotypical Maine community centered around lobster fishing and tourism.

This shed has seen numerous Nor'easters, cold -22° winter storms, and hot Maine summers. The paint shows it.

Fog lying on Pole Island. If Rogues Gallery were a Maine fisherman, this is where he would live.

The modern Maine College preppy look; Vineyard Vines Tote, Jcrew sweatshirt and Madewell Jeans.

Maine Lobster boats.

Here are some more links,
Spring in Harpswell Maine (Picasa),
Maine Coast (in the Winter) (Picasa).


greenjeans said...

Great compositions! I love that she's carrying a float...

thanks so much for the add!

Foster Huntington said...

no problem, keep up the good work,

Enzo AGC said...


I've got to say that these are some of the best photos I've seen in a while. I'm linking as we speak.

Foster Huntington said...

Thanks Enzo. really glad you like them,

tons of land said...

wow, great site. just stumbled upon it today and killed the last 2 hours. great photos, but overall a great aesthetic. very coincidental as well, as i just returned from ME this weekend and visited one of my favorite spots, Rogues Gallery.

FYI, if you haven't discovered the fish chowder and blueberry muffin at the Dolphin Marina in South Harpswell, you'll have to make another trip back there.

Anyhoo, hello from a Maine native, begrudgingly living in CT for the last 5 years. Also, if you're looking for another road trip, be sure to travel rt 113 south from Gilead, ME into NH when the weather turns nice (the road is closed in winter) and find your way to the Stone House.

Foster Huntington said...

Im glad you like my site. What did you think of the rogues store? enjoyed i hope. I love the merchandising there. I will be sure to swing by Dolphin Marina to grab ab blue berry muffin. rt 113 sounds awesome. i cant wait to see that part of Maine/NH

tons of land said...

Love RG. Been there numerous times. I was living in Portland when his t-shirts were first being sold in a no longer existing book store above Videoport on Middle St. Have a few of his t-shirts in my drawer and try to pay the RG store a visit whenever I'm in town.

Foster Huntington said...

I love his shirts. which ones do you have? any other most see things to see in maine?

tons of land said...

i've got the "elk" shirt, the "old port" shirt and the "swordfish" shirt currently. elk is my favorite. i'll send you some maine "things to do" via e-mail as soon as i can.

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