Friday, April 24, 2009

Barns From Maine

I love Maine barns. Here is a collection of some of my favorite from the last three weeks. All are available in 21-megapixel downloads on my Picasa page. Have a nice weekend and try to find a barn.

Here are some more links,
More from Route 137 (Picasa),
Houses Down East (Picasa),
New England Barns (ART),
Red, White and Blue (Picasa).


C said...

Foster, those are some awesome pictures.

Isaac Buie said...

Have you ever thought about making prints? Maybe you already do.

greenjeans said...

Great work Foster. I really had no concept of Maine before reading your site. I guess as a midwesterner I always associated the east coast with cities.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks all. I have put some thought into selling prints but dont really know a good vehicle by which to do it. maybe some day i will.

RBG said...

If you ever make it down into the West Virginia/Ohio area, be sure to check out "Mail Pouch Tobacco" barns.