Thursday, April 2, 2009

Portraits from the Roadtrip

I love taking pictures of people. On my road trip I had the opportunity to take a bunch of photos of my fellow voyagers and random people that caught my eye. Thanks for letting me put my camera in your face.

Unknown, Lancaster Pennsylvania

Christ Stonerook, Eastern Tennessee

Edge Trullinger, Smokey Mountains, Eastern Tennessee

Mike Panzer, Knoxville Tennessee

Bruce Hallett, Smokey Mountains, Eastern Tennessee

Bruce Hallett, Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Unknown, Charleston South Carolina

Edge Trullinger, Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Bruce Hallett, Charleston South Carolina

Mike Panzer, Gettysburg Pennsylvanian

Chris Stonerook, Charleston South Carolina

Bruce Hallett, Knoxville Tennessee

Foster Huntington (Self Portrait), Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Edge Trullinger, Bristol Tennessee

Here are some more links,
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