Friday, April 17, 2009

An Abandoned Boat in Sebasco Maine

Boats small and large adorn houses on the Maine coast like swimming pools in a suburb of Phoenix. Most families treat these boats like extensions of family and predominantly display them wrapped in white plastic on their front lawn. To some families, these boats provide a livelihood. For others, they enable them to explore the islands and waters that define the region.

Driving around near South Point, I spotted this abandoned boat in the on a small peninsula.

The rope was not fastened to anything.

The story behind this boat intrigued me. By the looks of the sediment in the stern, the boat had been there for years. Who owned it, who fished with it, and most importantly, who left it half submerged in this lake?

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A TIME TO GET said...

A piece of shit boat I'd throw rocks at, and here you go turning it into something I'd hang on my wall. Your camera is a magic wand (bet you've never heard that one before, eh?)

Foster Huntington said...

Thanks man, i am flattered.

we could grow up 2gether said...

these are the perfect setting for my next shoot

Sildenafil said...

That's not good for that environment because I thing at least the owners of those stuffs should be careful in order don't damage the ecosystem.