Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Huntington Brothers

Two years and two months to the day separate my brother (Tim) and me. As children, Tim and I spent most of our time together, running through the woods, building forts, snowboarding, harassing the neighbor girls, and pursuing countless bouts of obsession like Legos or Airsoft. Since leaving for Maine more than three years ago, I have seen Tim less and less. Last summer I was busy interning at Ralph Lauren and LL Bean Signature, while Tim was 3,000 miles away cultivating a small farm on a piece of family property. Despite our seemingly divergent interests, I am interested in concept design while Tim is interested in food politics and food systems, our ties have only strengthened as time rolls on.

Tim and I have spent the last two weeks playing in the woods, throwing rocks, soiling our clothes and getting dirt behind our ears and under our fingernails in the same way we did some fifteen years ago. Recently, we replaced our wrist rockets and homemade bows and arrows of old with a Colt 38 Frontier Single Action Sixshooter and Winchester Model 67a bolt action .22.

Self Portrait: Filson Mackinaw Cruiser, my Grandfather's Eagle Scout shirt from the 40's, Rolex Submariner on nylon band, and Colt 38 Frontier Single Action Sixshooter.

After some deliberation, multiple hoots and frequent spins of the revolver's cylinder, we headed out in search of a train to hold up, a bank to rob, or a posse of Pinkertons to play cat and mouse with. Despite our commitment to engaging in criminal acts, we eventually settled the steel sights of our trusty tools on some unsuspecting clay pigeons conveniently arranged in our backyard. Our half-hour gun fight left far more cartridges shot than targets hit and without a doubt, many New York financiers would have taken three to one odds on the clay pigeon in a duel. We swore, we shot, we complained about ear plugs, we kicked piles of dirt and we shot some more; I guess boys will always be boys.

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Matthew Gray said...

I'm loving the Submariner. Definitely a classic watch.

brandon sargent said...

foster- great post, my brother and i are in a similar situation. It seems as the years go by, we see less of each other-but have a better, or at least, more adult relationship. spending time with family is definitely the best gift of the holidays. hope youve been well.


Anonymous said...

Is that an Explorer shirt, rather than an Eagle scout shirt?

Foster Huntington said...

I just check and your right, it is an explorer shirt. thanks for the tip

Foster Huntington said...

Glad you could relate, family is the best gift of all,
Foster said...

Pointing that revolver right at the camera, and thus my computer screen, made my heart skip a beat.

Don't shoot!

Foster Huntington said...

ohhh dont mind Timmy, he is a pacifist,

TFKoP said...


You not only take great photographs, you also have a great knack for being able to use few words to describe a tremendous experience. When I read your words, I can picture the setting in my mind every time.

Great stuff. Happy New Year.


ps funny stuff...betting on the clay pigeons in a dual. haha!

Foster Huntington said...

I am very honored by your words of support. I couldn't dream of a nice compliment to recieve. I am very glad you can see the worlds that I try to describe or capture,

Eloise said...

Hey Foster,
Family is very important and it's really the only constant throughout your life. It's important to appreciate them even if they live far away. This kinda reminds me of "Where the wild things are" for some reason. The portrait of you is great by the way, your eyes alone speak volumes.

Foster Huntington said...

My family is spread all spread out between the east and west coast so it's hard to stay in touch with all of them but I make an effort to see and talk to as many of them as I can. In this day it's so easy to spend your time with the family you choose, not the family your given despite the deep ties. I recently heard that kids from the same sperm donor often fall in love when they first meet when they are adults.

tintin said...

Amazing. Damn, you're good. I stand in awe.

I have found that most of the style bloggers under 30 are...Well, I just don't get 'em. You shine, dude. You really do. And my Sub is older than you.

Foster Huntington said...

I can't tell you how flattered I am by your words. Your blog was one of the first I started reading and your pithy style has always been an inspiration,


You cannot be serious with the guns can you?-I'm pretty sure pacifists don't present themselves to the world like this. I'm all for supporting cliche's but this one is too funny and not funny enough at the same time.

Foster Huntington said...

It's obviously tongue in cheek, at least youre a perceptive nerd,

Anonymous said...

love the blog etc, but please remember that a gun is a dangerous tool not a prop.
hate to sound like a jerk, but my hunter safety/range friends would go ballistic at stuff like this.

again, love the blog food politics souds interesting.

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