Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Bench by the Sea

Sitting on a stone bench, I watched the cold morning's wind skip across the Atlantic like a stone on a pond. I kicked some moss into the wind, stretched my back and nestled my fingers into the depths of my down jacket to protect them from the constant nibbles of the late fall breeze. For an untold amount of time, I repeated this process in a distant daze known only to a morning person with ADD. I pondered this and contemplated that.

This Thanksgiving I forwent the 3,000-mile jaunt back to the Northwest and instead made the 75-mile drive down to Cape Elizabeth. For the first time in my 21 years, I spent a holiday without kin but with a close friend and his family. In the mornings I would wake early and wander down towards the crashing waves and whistling wind.

The constant sound of waves crashing against the jagged shoreline formed a rough melody for my daydreams. Suddenly avoiding the occasional overzealous wave and staying out of ankle-deep tide pools whilst hopping from one kelp-covered rock to another replaced my superficial worries.

Meandering down the shoreline one morning, I climbed over a large rock to see a rock bench set into the a hillside. Despite a dilapidated sign offering a halfhearted warning, I kicked back and made myself comfortable.

Oh life's simple joys...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and a great reflection. Land-locked is for chumps.

Foster Huntington said...

land-locked is certainly for chumps,

Unknown said...


Eloise said...

Hey, I've just discovered your blog, its inspired. I've been blogging for about 6 months and yours is the first good one written by a male, well done! You have a great eye for composing your photos as well.

Bowen said...

Hey I thought you'd like this, and not just because it takes place on the Huntington Ridge.


mark kelley said...

This brings back some good memories. I grew up in Scarborough which is the next town over. We used to drink at two lights and in the abandoned forts at Cape Elizabeth

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Love your photos. I long to be able to go to the rocky coast again! I think I left a bit of my heart there. Esp. love the photo of the rock bench! I'd frame that in a heart-beat.


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