Friday, December 11, 2009

Changing Seasons: Winter

Winter comes on early Maine. Starting in early November, the imminent threat of snow lingers on the fringes of the ten day forecasts. When the snow finally arrives, Mainers show their true colors and break out plows and shovels and attack the snow with the tenacity of a teenage boy attacking a zit on his nose. The snow and freezing cold usher in a new tempo and force people to adjust to the harsh conditions. I like it. This collection of images shows the contrasting aspects of my aesthetic and the rugged seasonality of the place I currently call home.

Sitting on a bench over the quad last fall I took off my shoe on an ADHD impulse and threw it in the air.

Paul Smith Hudson Canvas Sneaker in January.

Common Projects Court Sneaker in April.

Vans Era in August

Ralph Lauren Wingtips in October.

My Danner Mountain Light II over the quad on a chilly Thursday in December.

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Unknown said...

Something about those red laces that drives me crazy. I love them.

Have a great weekend Foster!

Anonymous said...

the danners! haha

Anonymous said...

I love these shots. The Danners are perfect for this.

R4TH said...

a nice stream of images.

Ryan said...

I agree. Love those Danners with the red laces. Striking!

You've inspired me to hunt down a pair in Vancouver.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks all, i am glad you like the series. Ryan, you should make the trip down to portland and buy them at the source,

victoria.renee said...

i just found your blog. i love these photos & your perspective.

i have my eye on you foster.