Monday, December 21, 2009

A Trip to Winn Perry

Last fall I started hearing chatter about a new menswear shop in my hometown, Portland, Oregon. As time marched on and my interest in menswear continued to grow, I kept tabs on the budding shop in Southeast Portland. After a 12 month hiatus from Portland, I finally made it down to SE 11th to check out the shop's wide selection of menswear brands including Alden, SNS Herning, Band of Outsiders, Quoddy and Hill-Side.

Winn Perry sports a nice array of Hill-Side ties and bandannas.

Jordan, Winn Perry's founder, giving a breakdown of some of his offering ideas for future products and collaborations. Jordan named the store after his great grandfather and started the store after graduating from Portland State.

Some parts of the shop reminded me of Alex Carleton, like these Aldens, harpoon and chest.

Where the cards are swiped, the cash is given, and emails are answered.

Those Band of Outsiders plaid shirts caught my eye, I am just a sucker for red and blue.

Winn Perry has a nice mix of New England Nautical, Classic English and local Northwest.

Wherever I go, I find pieces of Maine. These Quoddy's looked great.

Some Pendleton pieces from the collaboration with Opening Ceremonies.

Rules for My Unborn Son showing proudly.

I am glad to see young entrepreneurs making a run at it in menswear and putting Portland on the Map. For a one room shop, Jordan has amassed quite the list of brands that would leave many of Manhattan's most coveted shops envious.

Here are some links,
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Nathan Williams said...

this place looks great, thanks for the photos.
we're visiting portland right now so maybe we'll stop by

J. Everett Dixon said...

Heads up- Winn Perry is in SE, not SW.

Anonymous said...

these pictures are baller. typical haha

Foster Huntington said...

Thanks for the correction Mr. Dixon. i feel like a dufus.

Anonymous said...

Those logos/branding look really Benny Gold-ish? What say you?

Joseph said...

Great post. Last time I was in PDX they were closed (holiday), can't wait to make it down there. I've had a few things shipped up to Seattle, all around fantastic shop. Jordan's super class to boot.

Edge said...

You should certainly check it out. How long are you in town for? you should check out the portland outdoor store if you have a chance.

◑◐ said...

Jordan was great to deal with via email and gave me an excellent deal on some Grenson's. Looking forward to them maybe reworking the design of their site.

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