Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For hundreds of years, American prospectors pushed the frontiers outwards in search of valuable minerals. With just what they could carry on their backs and a couple of mules, these prospectors braved the elements and harsh environments to stake claim to mining rights. They forced the Cherokee from Georgia and dislodged the Sioux from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Few of them ever struck it big, but the allure of instant wealth continues to push geologists, hermits and adventurers to head out for the territories today.

There is something very appealing about leaving the trials of society behind in search of independence, wealth and adventure.


author said...

The next frontier in exploratory mineralogy is mid oceanic ridges.


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I've met people here and there that pan gold for vacations, weekend warriors?, I've seen people pull out their gold pans with a gleam in their eyes.