Sunday, January 25, 2009

45 RPM

Yesterday I swung by the 45 RPM on east 71st. Specializing in indigo denim for over forty years, 45 RPM has collections that my friend Edge describes as four hundred dollar selvedge denim and three hundred dollar shirts inspired by contemporary Mongolian nomads or Japanese peasants.

The store's decor and merchandising remind me of the Rogues Gallery showroom with substantial nautical influences, including a bunch of Popeye the sailor dolls and a rowboat infused into a brick wall. Their walls were made of woods native to northern climates and had amazing detail including individually chiseled siding. Here is a photo I took in a mirror on the second floor. I like what they do.

Here are some exerts from their AW08 look book.

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Dave Hendrie said...

i have one of these yuppie...i mean mongolian peasent garbs