Monday, January 12, 2009


I have been juicing all day. Not in the Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens sense but in the Jay Kordich, aka the Juiceman, stealing-produce-from-the-college-dining-halls sense.

My brother brought a copy of The Juiceman Audio Cassette Series for comic relief on a cross country drive in late August of 07. The Juiceman's soothing voice got us through a flat tire in South Dakatoa, the let down of Mt. Rushmore, and a shitty motel in Minnesota.

Today, I stumbled across a 4.99 (5.25 with tax) Juiceman jr. in the electronics section of my neighborhood Goodwill. After giving the cashier a five dollar bill and one quarter and telling her to keep the change, I ran across the street to my apartment tenderly holding my bounty like an LA Riot looter. In my kitchen, I rummaged through the cabinets and refrigerator looking for anything juice-able. Eventually, I found some baby carrots, next to the humus, and some apples and made a nice cup of nutrients and vitamins.

Here are some videos that ad context to the juicing movement.

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