Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Hike on the Beach

On Tuesday, temperatures crested 40 degrees for the first time in months. Feeling like millionaires in Vegas, Dan and I headed to the beach to catch some cosmic rays and go on a short hike on Morris Mountain and the surrounding beaches. Arriving at the parking lot just after 12:30, we set out for the beach. Dan sped up ahead towards the water, eager to do his geological research, studying erosion of a nearby river system, and wandering slowly down the trail towards the beach with the urgency of grandmother on Christmas morning.

The three and a half mile trail follows a seasonal gravel road through marshlands, woods and iconic summer houses towards Seawall Beach. I moved slowly, humming various Pink Floyd songs to myself as I took in the scenery and snapped pictures.

Boarded up for the winter.

Ice, shaded from the sun by evergreens.

After an hour, I finally crested a small hill and heard the faint clapping of shin-high waves. My slow and carefree stroll evolved into a purpose-driven walk as the sand drew near.
Low tide and a washed-up tree.
Where the grass meets the sand and water.

Sand arranged by tides and storms.

Erosion at Popham State park.

Clam pits at high tide.

Clammers digging through the exposed sands of Popham Beach.

I wandered through the knee-high grass and soft sand, enjoying the relative tropic temperatures for hours. I didn't see Dan for some time, but I knew he was out there enjoying the day in his own way. Finally I spotted Dan's blond head bobbing around against the blue of the Atlantic and yelled "Ohhh Helllloooo" in my best Mrs. Doubtfire impression. We sat on a washed-up tree lying parallel to the beach and took in the rolling waves and rustle of sand and wind through the tall grass. I longed for a match to start a campfire but settled on playing music on my iPhone as Dan and I watched the sun sink towards the west.

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brennan said...

those shutters KILL me! i love those!

Foster Huntington said...

the house was awesome. i hope i can have an non-winterized house with green shutters someday..

CMJR said...

This post was a great way to start a long Thursday!

Frank said...

beautiful pics! really!!

jeremy said...

wow. these pictures are fantastic. great post!

Foster Huntington said...

you should go on a hike to the beach today, it will make your thursday much better...

Foster Huntington said...

Frank and Jeremy,
thanks for kind words. it was a truly beautiful day that i wont forget.

trip said...

Have you read any books by John McPhee? He writes books about geology, but they're also sort of like travel guides. For some reason, in looking at a lot of your pictures, it makes me think of his book that I read, "In Suspect Terrain." You should look into it.

Foster Huntington said...

i will check those out. his books look awesome,

Unknown said...

Beautiful place, where is this?

Foster Huntington said...

It's on the mid-coast of Maine just outside of bath,

Barron said...

i've always enjoyed your photos. it's great seeing your part of the country through your lens. keep up the great work.

Foster Huntington said...

As my graduation marches forward, three months away, i am acting with a lot more urgency trying to capture the beautiful places around me and i really appreciate the support of readers like you. It reinforces the idea that my time is better spent exploring and taking pictures than living the conventional college experience,

HomeCollection. said...

that's beautiful!

TFKoP said...

Maine, a state I'm proud to call home, will miss your observations when you move on after graduation. It has, however, become a better place because with your pictures you've introduced so many others to this great corner of the United States.

orono, me

Foster Huntington said...

I am flattered by your words. I could never begin to capture the beauty of this state, instead i try to document the small part of Maine that i know. i will miss it,

Anonymous said...

the beach pictures are awesome. this blog i read has some similar ones.

Anonymous said...
here it is.