Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drawn to the Sea

I am drawn to the sounds, smells and seclusion of the sea. At the sea's edge, I wander for hours taking pictures, kicking sand and watching waves roll in from somewhere out in the expansive heather-gray pond. The clapping of the waves, squawking of the occasional gull and whisper of the sand skipping through clumps of tall grass instantly remind me where I am when I close my eyes.

I could never live in Denver or Austin. Sure they each have their advantages: the dramatic Rockies border Denver's backyard and Austin gets 300 days of sun per year. Despite these incentives, I would rather live in a cold, rainy place where I could go walk along the ocean each day and listen to the sea slap against the shore and smell the bitter scent of salt in stagnant tidepools. In my free time, I often drive to the sea, even for just an hour or two, to meander the shore.

My favorite sign, Owl's Head state park.

An oil shed on Pemaquid Point.

A sunset Down East.

Ernie looking for footing on the a rugged point in Owl's Head state park.

A granite beach in Bass Harbor.

Dogs know the sea is playful. They run feverishly to and fro, chasing other dogs and kicking up sand in their wake like jet contrails in the sky. I try my best to follow suit.

Looking south from the southernmost tip of Mt. Desert Island.

A weathered tree on Owl's Head.

Ernie skipping stones in West Penobscot Bay.


Paul said...

Awesome post... I love the ocean too. Who's Boston Terrier is that? Yours? I have 2 myself!

Foster Huntington said...

I wish i could say the boston terrier is mine but unfortunately its not. i want a dog so bad. thanks for the kind words,

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

beautiful shots. and i so understand your longing for both the sea and for dogs. if i had the sea and a dog of my own in oxford, it may just be real paradise indeed.

p.s. rainy, grey skies? yeah, that too.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kind words. i would go for a bull terrier and the northwest, maine, scottland or Normandy. i like the fog and changes in seasons,

brandon sargent said...

my grandfather and his boston terrier- - i would love a dog too, but theyre a ton of work for one person.

Foster Huntington said...

dogs make the best companians. I can't wait to have a dog. That's an awesome photo of your granfather.

Ann Marie said...

these photos are so beautiful. so calming.

Foster Huntington said...

Ann Marie,
thanks for the kind words. i am glad you like them,

Unknown said...

Just had to say this: All of your photos have great compositions!

How long have you been doing photography?

Foster Huntington said...

I have been taking photos for almost a year and a half. I bought a dslr on a whim and havent looked back since. thanks for the kind words about the composition in my photographs.

TFKoP said...

Foster, a small piece of trivia you may appreciate: Dire Straits began their first US tour this week in 1979. I have never seen them live, but as a teen I was hooked instantly with "Sultans of Swing" and I have their first four albums (and the "Twisting by the Pool" EP) all on vinyl, which I still play on my...GASP!....turntable.

--joe mason
orono, me

Foster Huntington said...

did you know that Mark Knopfler is touring the US starting April 10th? he will be in Montreal and Boston. i am going to go to one of the other. i am so pumped.

Wrecked Stellar said...

These are really beautiful shots, esp. the dog one. He's super cute!

kelsea said...

these are so inspiring! i'm loving every inch of your blog...i wish i could be where you are!

Foster Huntington said...

Wrecked Stellar,
thanks for the compliment. seeing that boston terrier made me yearn for day when i could get a pooch of my own.

Foster Huntington said...

i am glad my photos could inspire you. new england is a beautiful place.

nikole said...


Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kind words, yoru blog isnt to shabby yourself haha,

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