Monday, May 11, 2009

My Vans Eras

My Vans Eras are versatile.

She laces by Paul Smith.

Here are some more links,
Vans Era white,
My Vans (Picasa).


D said...

I have the top-siders just like this in blue, but i never thought of personalizing the laces. until now.

WOLF said...

What kind of shoes are the aqua-ish colored ones you were wearing in posts like the Food City 500 @ Bristol? Those and these white ones are are the exact colors and kinds of shoes I want to get for summer. Thanks.

A TIME TO GET said...

I can only rock the authentics, but it's a good look. Why is it that I could never roll with pink laces, but they look so damn good when you sport them?

Foster Huntington said...

The mint colored shoes are vans Authentics. I cant honestly tell you why vans has two shoes with such similar silhouettes. The eras are a little smaller though and have a thinner sole.

Foster Huntington said...

the think i like about vans authentis or eras is that they easily break in in and gain character. Unfortunately they dont last long.

Anonymous said...

Pink shoelaces were my groove in college, too. There's actually an old song about a guy who wears pink shoelaces. Look for it.

Sildenafil said...

This is true because I had a pair of Vans and they were indestructible also it combined with all my clothes.