Monday, May 4, 2009

Eddy Huntington

On Thursday night I was in a club deep in Soho observing American Psycho-esque junior investment bankers mingle with gallery girls to a mix of 80's pop and contemporary electronic music. While watching the white V-neck clad Brooklyenite DJ play music on his Mac Book, a riff from Eddy Huntington's U.S.S.R. jumped out at me like Homeward Bound in the family section of a movie rental store.

My brother first introduced me to the great Eddy Huntington via a Facebook wall post that read "Dude, I think this guy is our cousin" and included a YouTube link. Intrigued, I perused the web looking for background on this once great pop sensation from the late '80s and found, much to my disappointment, no family ties but a great story.

Born in 1965 in a small town north in England, Eddy moved to London at 18 to pursue a carrier in the entertainment business. After appearing in multiple music videos as an extra, the Italian record label, Baby records, spotted potential and took him to Milan to record his most notable work, U.S.S.R. The song quickly gained traction on pop charts in the UK, Scandinavia, and wait for it, the U.S.S.R.

After touring around Europe playing shows like this for a bunch of commies, Eddy retired from the music industry in the early 90's and went back to school. Today, Eddy is a middle school principal and gives dancing and singing lessons to his students. If you read the YouTube comments you will see multiple ones like, "Hey that guy is my teacher, he's so nice." I did not make this up.

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greenjeans said...

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Foster Huntington said...

I rock my walk man with a tap player all the time on my belt. its a great look.

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Foster Huntington said...

who is this?

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