Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Marlboro Miles and the Marlboro Country Store

While many people talk about how they are going to spend their AMEX points or Delta Sky Miles, more daring individuals debate the use of their Marlboro Miles. From 1994 to September 30th 2006, Philip Morris, Marlboro Cigarette's parent company, had a merchandising promotion program whereby a satisfied costumer could mail in their proof of purchase coupons (5 "Marlboro Miles" per cigarette pack), and buy various products ranging from licensed Marlboro Zippos to denim jackets and sleeping bags from the catalog or the Marlboro Country Store.

The products in the Marlboro store are an extension of "The Cowboy Code: A cowboy is courageous. Keeps his word. Pulls his own weight. Returns what he barrows. Closes gates behind him. Is always on time. Minds his own business. Sometimes exaggerates, but never lies. Doesn't cuss another man's dog." The archetypal American Man.

Everything a cowboy or cowgirl needs put in cigarette pack denomination. I would go with the Stetson, the Time Track by Swiss Army, the Canvas Coat and the Blues Harp with my stockpile of 2000 packs of cigs. I also find the satirical allusions to jail culture where people use cigarettes as currency amusing, but that's a different matter all together.

Few ideas are more American than buying products, often made in China, created as extensions of a marketing campaign with proof of purchase coupons for an expensive, carcinogenic, addictive product.

Here are some of my favorite finds from ebay,
Marlboro Swiss Army Knife (Ebay),
Marlboro Brass Belt Buckle (Ebay),
Marlboro Swiss Army Pocket Watch (Ebay),
Marlboro Duster (Ebay),
Marlboro Country Zippo (Ebay),
Marlboro Miles Poker Set (Ebay),
Marlboro Country Store BBQ Set (Ebay)
Marlboro Country Denim Shirt (Ebay),
Marlboro Country Denim Jacket (Ebay).
Marlboro Country Cook Book (Ebay),
Marlboro Stetson Hat (Ebay).

I guess a Marlboro Denim jacket purchased with six hundred packs of cigarettes is icing on the cake for a dedicated smoker.

Here are some more links,
Explanation of Marlboro Miles System,
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This is were to make orders: said...

I want the the frying pan for camping out.


remember the pepsi point craze? at one point my friend was saving up for a sign deion sandersleather letterman jacket. quite the marketing ploy if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about this campaign was that you didn't have to smoke to get the miles. They were lying about on the university campuses across America. I was just cleaning up the litter and got paid in some really nice merchandise.