Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swiss Army Hiker Knife

"I woke up dry beneath the African sky just me and my Swiss Army Knife," the venerable Jimmy Buffet.

Every person should have a pocket knife. As boy I kept myself entertained and covered in band-aids with the iconic Swiss Army Knives. My parents gave me my first one on Christmas of 1992, I was four at the time. To keep me from cutting one of my digits off, my parents dulled the the blades with a file. Since then I have have accumulated numerous scars and memories with my dozen or so Swiss Army Knives.

There is something oddly liberating about owning a knife that can open a wine bottle, saw off a branch, cut rope, punch holes in leather, and remove a splinter.

Recently, I received a Swiss Army Hiker as a gift. It fits perfectly in the pocket and has the essentials; a long blade, short blade, saw, flat head screwdriver/can opener, Phillips head screwdriver/can opener, leather punch, Phillips head screwdriver and of course the toothpick and tweezers. James Bond would approve.

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A TIME TO GET said...

I give you one month before both the tweezers and the toothpick are gone.

Foster Huntington said...

fewww... id give it two weeks haha

Anonymous said...

Your first one was a 6.95 fake with every tool and then some. It was not made in America or even Switzerland. Two weeks later, you cried so hard when it broke . Came apart at the seams. Then we bought you a real one. I don't remember any cuts really.

Foster Huntington said...

blowing up my spot mom...thanks.. ahaha