Friday, February 6, 2009

Rusticate, Verb

Rusticate- Verb: OED
1. intr. To go or retire into the country; to stay or sojourn in the country; to assume rural manners, to live a country life.
2. trans. a. To dismiss or ‘send down’ from a university for a specified time, as a punishment.
b. To remove or send (one) into, settle (one) in, the country. Also refl.
Example: Disenchanted with the grind of urban life, James rusticated, selling his belongings and moving to the backwoods of Maine.


Angelo said...

Hey, thanks for checking out our blog. I linked to your Barbour post last week, good stuff. There are three of us who go to school/live in or around portland, seattle, and vancouver b.c.

Foster Huntington said...

Cool. I am from portland and now go to school in maine. how old are you guys?

eye five style said...

21 at present. Gracias for the link add, I put restless transplant in our link list. Keep up the good work.