Friday, February 13, 2009

The Fat of The Land

I am interested in basing a brand around a blog. At the heart of a brand lies a core philosophy that defines purpose and product. Most brands rely on physical products as the primary means to convey their ideals. For example, a Submariner conveys Rolex's message of supreme quality, heritage, and exclusivity. A Prius conveys Toyota's commitment to protecting the environment and creating quality automobiles. Toyota and Rolex first built quality products and then established brands around these products.

Technology is changing this paradigm. Now, a brand can define itself through online content such as photos, editorials or selection of other quality content. In other words, a brand can now establish itself and gain traction before selling its first product. Hypebeast could leverage their online following and authority on streetwear to create a collaboration with Nike or Adidas on a limited edition sneaker. Will Common Projects collaborate with Selectism?

For the last few months I have been toying around the idea of starting a blog(and hopefully a brand) with my friend Edge. Based around self reliance, a connection to nature, rustication and exploration, we call our collection of photos and writings The Fat of The Land.


Anonymous said...

A special experience or how it makes you feel, is what should be at the essence of a brand. Even without the goods or services it is still real and emotional. And without the conflict of having to shill, you can be more honest and idealistic. Once you introduce commerce it becomes much more complicated.

NSW said...

Pimpin is never easy. we be in dah struggle...
Fat of the land represents that.

Foster Huntington said...

I agree JP. I think its an interesting idea. It will be interesting to see how brands are created on the internet and move towards conventional commerce.

Angelo said...

Me and my associates are in the process of doing the same thing. We're starting a media corporation under which we can launch a network of blogs. One thing I love about blogs like yours and ours is the ability to expand and synthesize. I love Hypebeast and Selectism, but they just show a product they like, and that's it. I'm all about synthesizing, making connections between a number of products in a way that appeals to my specific audience. Best of luck to all of us in the future.

Oh yeah, Hunter, what are you studying?

Foster Huntington said...

I study science, technology and society. Its the study of how advances in science and technology effect society and cultures. I agree, the idea of synthesis with regards to blogs and brands is very interesting. It will cool to see what happens in the next couple years.