Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cap Guns

I will always be a lost boy. Cap guns are an essential part of the Lost Boy lifestyle. They are loud, smelly, offend old people and illegal in fine state of Massachusetts. Have a nice weekend and go get a cap gun, they are 3 dollars, and put a smile on your face.

Charlie killing it with his Cap Guns.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Boogie rendition.

Foster Huntington said...

inspiration no doubt

Cris said...

Don't know where else to post this comment/question given how you have this blog set up. Can you recommend any places to get American made Redwing boots? "Love your work."


Foster Huntington said...

hey cris,
it really depends where you are. things are always cheaper online but the sizing is always tough to get. here is a good place to start,


Plaid Dad said...

When I was a kid,I stayed bustin' caps.Whether it was a cap gun with the revolver style round clip,or the roll type caps,I had to have 'em.I even learned to pop the paper-strip caps with a penny and make my own;scrape off wooden match stick heads ,stuff them into a old faucet spigot(the small handle hole part),insert a large diameter nail,and bang against hard surface-Yahtzee!

Foster Huntington said...

I did the same trick with the penny and the strips of caps. I also had one of these

Plaid Dad said...

Oh my god Foster ,now you're definitely dredging up some memories.Have you ever doubled up on the caps in those things?wow.i still see the infamous 'snap n pops' occasionally..

Foster Huntington said...

Plaid dad,
Did i ever! i have also been known to tape a fire cracker to the side of the bomb and then put the fuse right next to the cap. when the cap goes off it lights the fire cracker fuse. very fun.

Unknown said...

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