Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two and a Half Hours

The train headed north from 125 street. On the two hour ride, I listened to Mr. Dylan and responded to emails in typical Saturday morning fashion. By noon, the train made its last stop in northern Connecticut, and half an hour later, I was walking down the snow dusted driveway of the Wijnberg's house in Ashley Falls, MA.

Worlds away from my Manhattan apartment, I set down my pack in the mudroom of the 200 year old house and set off on a walk with Nick, Jacob and their eight month old puppy.

The cold New England air and rolling farmland took me back to my time in Maine, clearing my mind of the distractions amassed spending 12 hours a day in an office building in Midtown. As we trolled down the country road, the occasional farm dog barked and ran to the edge of the fence. Every so often a pickup truck gave us a wide birth, slowing and echoing a friendly honk.

Making it back to the house at twilight, Lorenzo (the Wijnberg's eight month old Italian Spinone) fell to the floor in a deep sleep, resting on his crossed paws. After starting a fire and stocking it with enough wood to last a few hours, I followed suit, measuring my length on a couch.

Late afternoon's light.

Wood smoke.

The woods.

104 years old.

Early morning light.

A dusting.
The next morning, I woke early, cherishing the country quite and cold before heading back to the city. Like sitting in a hot tub and then jumping in the snow, the contrasts invigorate, making each extreme more pronounced and apparent.

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heavy tweed jacket said...

Absolutely wonderful photos. I envy you that train ride away from urban noise to a place of beauty and solitude.

Foster Huntington said...

Its so close. I love getting out of the city. thanks for the kind words,

Tim said...

great words, foster.

Matthew said...

I recently found your site and I look forward to each and every post you make. It's always a treat when ART pops up in the rss reader. Thanks for sharing your life and such beautiful photographs.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kinds words. your complements mean a lot to me considering the quality of your work.

glad you like my images and stories. thanks for adding me to your rrs.

Megan said...

Excellent post. I always enjoy your photos and stories. When I was a kid a friend of mine had a hot tub and we loved to go back and forth between it and the snow.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the comment. how is the northwest? your blog looks nice.

The snow and hot contrast is awesome. in maine one winter, it was so cold that my hair froze solid when i put my head out of the water.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your aesthetic. We'll miss you in Maine.

Foster Huntington said...

i miss maine. thanks for the kind words. i will be back to maine from time to time. distance makes the heart grow fonder,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo-journey, makes me look forward to sneaking away this holiday from the craziness of brklyn to VT. I appreciate too that you escape to friend's places. More folk should take advantage of this.

joel from deadbait

Mattocks said...

Love reading your site. The blucher boots in the first pick are sick. Are those LL Bean? Quoddy? Who makes them?

Foster Huntington said...

they are ll bean signature work boots. I think they are based off a russell moc. they are great,

Anonymous said...

as always amazing pictures and story my friend. no matter what you do, you always seem to make the complete best of it. whatever you're up to this time of year enjoy and all the best in the new year!

-with a beard-

Wesley Verhoeve said...

Great photos Foster, and wonderful words. Thanks for taking me back there with both.

Allison said...

Beautiful spaces.

trip said...

Repping the LL Bean work boots, I see. Nice. They're looking good, better than mine. I'm sure it's from wearing them more.