Thursday, December 9, 2010


Prints go in frames. They go in albums and hang against the wall. Despite representing the same image as a digital file, they tell a much more tactile and approachable story. As a student of the digital photography and blog era, I mostly experience images through the screen of my iMac. This makes prints all the more impactful.
Recently, I ordered a handful of prints to give to friends and family for the holidays as gifts. Seeing and touching these prints and the happy results from their recipients made me realize that some of my readers maybe interested in ordering prints of my photos.

Here are a few images that I had printed on 8x10 recently shot on a turn of the century butcher block.

I love this Willys. It's now on my wall.

Prints are availible in in 8x10 ($40) and 11x14 ($80). If you are interested, take a look at my online albums, (Picasa), send me an email ( with the images you are interested in and sizes and I will get back to you with information about payment and shipment.

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Victoria Thorne said...

love this

Foster Huntington said...

glad you approve,

brohammas said...

Great prints, I still covet that jeep.

Foster Huntington said...

the jeep is the best. you should get one!

Anonymous said...

it has been far, far too long since i've visited your blog! it's looking great, as are the prints! the jeep is definitely my favorite and i am still envious of it. i'm excited to catch up on everything else you've been posting.

i've also done some recording of my own music over the past while man and would love if you'd check it out! the link is

there's also a link to it on my blog! i'd love to know what you think.

all the best and happy blogging.

-with a beard-