Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out of Reception: Summer Begone

The storm broke overnight. I awoke with a jump to the brisk morning air typical of early October. Attempting to prolong my rest and fend off the cold, I covered my head with my comforter and waited for my alarm. After twenty minutes of minor discomfort, I preempted my phone's obnoxious sounds and climbed out of bed. On my way to the shower I vengefully closed my window. For the first time in months, I ordered my large Americana sans ice from the friendly woman at Joe's. Steam escaped from my cup on my morning walk to work, and I paused for an instant pulling my iPhone from my pocket to change the song and snap a photo of the season's first steam.

Since adopting a professional schedule somewhat resembling a 9 to 5 but striking a closer resemblance to an 8 to 7:30, I rarely take my 5D Mark II with me on my commute and rompings around New York. Instead, I rely on my iPhone to capture moments around me. Along with maintaining a general level of overall ineffectiveness when making calls, my phone continues to produce some of my favorite images. Here are a few from the last four months.

A sunset in July.

Twilight in mid July.

A foggy sunrise at Popham Beach, Maine in late July.

Green in Central park in early August.

A view of Central Park on Forth of July Weekend.

Sunset on the Jaquelin Kennedy reservoir in mid June.

A view from the roll bar of a 1957 Willy's Jeep in Moiser, Oregon during Labor Day weekend.

The last rays of a mid September evening on the Upper West Side.

My two cameras in Early September.

A hazy September morning on my walk to work.

Jarad Hadi in Southeast Portland in early September.

An Indian Summer evening after work in Midtown.

A Saturday skateboarding at the Chelsea pier.

Tapping on the screen between sips of my tongue-burning coffee, I eventually settled on "Cortez the Killer." Turning up the volume, I shifted the tiny lens of my iPhone towards my coffee cup and fired away. Unfortunately, the image didn't turn out the way I envisioned, and I continued on my walk enticed by the steam of my beverage and the comfort of my Filson Jacket.

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Hallock said...

I made my first trip to NYC this Thursday through Monday, it was a beautiful beginning to October.

Hope to return there soon, loved you photos.

Foster Huntington said...

New york is awesome. I wouldnt want to live in another city. period. thanks for the nice words,

Ashley Tyler said...

Love the latest post, Foster. Your photos and commentary bring a certain romance back to the city that I've yet to miss.
Sending best wishes from Maine,

Unknown said...

Neil Young or Built to Spill?

Foster Huntington said...

how are you doing? i hope you are having a blast in maine. did you go to common ground fair? thanks for the kind words,

Foster Huntington said...

neil young all the way. i havent heard the built to spill version. is it good?

Anonymous said...

wow, for an iphone those pictures are amazing! maybe i should be rethinking my black berry. either way, impressive as always! i am particularly fond of the first one. living in new york must be amazing.

Megan said...

I love these photos, especially the woman walking out into the water. It's so serene.

Foster Huntington said...

the iphone takes amazing photos. its one of the major reasons that i still use it. thanks for the kind words,

the morning was great for taking photos. i left my 5d in the car or else i would have filled a card.


neil young baby!

Foster Huntington said...

cortez, cortez

Alex said...

Dang, where's that second one taken? What looks like a forest between two city blocks?