Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Space

Moving away from the open spaces of New England has changed me. I noticed it first when I was home in the Northwest waiting for a table at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. Standing four feet from the door, I chatted with my brother about the day's activities.

"Excuse me."

Turning in disbelief, I looked into the face of an early forties, Teva and sock wearing woman. With a pleasant yet affirming grin she motioned to the door.

Obliging, I stepped towards my brother and continued our conversation. To the suburban Oregonian, sharing this mere six foot opening with strangers after a fajita and local micro brew probably felt like an overzealous yellow lab attempting to follow a fleeing cat through a cat door. However, with my new found perspective as a four month resident of New York, I looked at this ample gap as a rare luxury.

This change in environment has affected not only my perception of space but also my aesthetic taste. Adapting less by choice and more by my insatiable curiosity about my surroundings, I look for colors and details in the interiors around me.

A bookshelf in the West Village.

Decorations courtesy of David Coggins at his Manhattan Apartment.

Chairs in Philadelphia.

Sunday morning light in the West Village.

Peppers from a rooftop garden.

Old wood floors near the Corner Bistro.

More of David's decorations.


An adjustable fan.
I am glad to adjust my perspective of space and experience tight places for a while. This change of context and appreciation of different places makes my time away from the city that much more enjoyable.

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Victoria Thorne said...

vintage foster (can there be such a thing?); just most excellent. congrats/new space.

Karen and Sara Brown said...

:) wanna come work for home interiors? i'll be nicer than bass.

Foster Huntington said...

i didnt know you still read my blog haha. how are things? how is interior design going? thanks for the nice words.

Hallock said...

Love the cusp of that painting with the person on the edge of the bed.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kind words. I take a lot of pictures of edge, but this is one of my favorites. we went to middle school together and are roomates.

Anonymous said...

love your blog man!
your pictures are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

ps. i also appreciate a man in vans.

Isaac Buie said...

I love that mantle shot with the pewter container with the crest on it. You're so lucky to be in New York with that whole circle (Coggins, etc...) Edge should do a blog or something, he's almost always killing it.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kind words dudes.

i like that photo of edge a lot too. new york is amazing,

Juice Wade said...

"Attempting to prolong my rest and fend off the cold, I covered my head with my comforter and waited for my alarm. After twenty minutes of minor discomfort, I preempted my phone's obnoxious sounds and climbed out of bed"
i probably could not have said it better myself- my mornings encapsulated in two sentences that make complete sense. i'm unsure how i stumbled upon your blog but i like it.

Anonymous said...

¿Por Que No? - was that the hole in the wall mexican place?

Foster Huntington said...

it wasnt por que no, but that is one of my favorites. love that place.

Anonymous said...

the rail or barbours looks welcoming.