Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Few Days in Western Connecticut

After cleaning my APC's in the sea and eating my share of fried clams, I headed towards the hills of western Connecticut to catch up with my friend and contributor to Fat of the Land, Evan. For the last six months, Evan has been romping around South America taking photos and studying industrial design. Head over to his blog Ideal Uses to check out an archive of his journeys if you haven't already.

Evan showed me around his dojo including this early nineteenth century barn. I love the weathered paint

This bull, the archetypal field and the lonesome tree reminded me of my favorite childhood story, Ferdinand the Bull. He was kind enough to let me snap a few photos.

I love his hair and horns.

Spending two and half months indoors gave a new-found appreciation for simple things like a sunset unobstructed by a skyscraper or a bull eating grass in a field confined by a buck and pole fence. I can't wait to get back to the rocky beaches and rolling hills of Maine.


Nicolas Lazaro said...

I believe that's a Highland (the bull). I live right on the border of Western CT (but in NY, same town RL lives in), whereabouts does your friend Evan live? It looks familiar to me, but so do most towns in CT.

World Elephant said...

Yeah Ferdinand!

Foster Huntington said...

Evan lives near woodbury CT. It sure is a beautiful area.