Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Festivities on the 4th

After a three hour nap, I emerged from my sleeping bag to celebrate the 4th of July by playing croquette, swimming in the river, listening to the Dire Straits, and tempting skin cancer.

Feeling grass on my toes felt new after spending all but two days of the month of June working. The tops of my feet were pealing on Monday.

Handing off the shades.

Tucker testing how close he can go mid croquette round.

Supplies for the day's festivities.

Yeeehhaaaa! Rope swigging at Ashley Falls.

Breaking in my wingtips.

The anticipation of the evenings fireworks kept me excited throughout the day despite my early morning start and four mile walk.

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this are ralph lauren.

The Western Conference said...

Can you confirm? Are those in fact RL wingtips? If not, can you share the brand? Simply amazing.

Great site and many thanks.


Foster Huntington said...

They are rl shell cordavan wingtips.

Cary B. said...

The sunglasses in the first picture--where did you get those?

Foster Huntington said...

the are Purple Label,