Thursday, December 18, 2008

Filson Store: Portland Oregon

Ever since the Filson store opened in Portland Oregon in early November, I have been itching to visit. Nestled in the Confectionery building in the vibrant Pearl District, the 2400 square foot store (one of three flagships) has four main sections: Men's, Women's, Hunting, and Luggage. The store has an awesome array of products with all of the staples you would expect from Filson, (however I did not see a Wool Parker Jacket).

On a side note, I talked with the store manager about my blog and about men's wear. He had some interesting things to say about bringing Filson to the Japaneses market and the potential problems with sizing. For example, the Filson Mackinaw Jacket (pictured predominately in the NYT article, The Fashion Report of 1920), starts at size 38 and goes to size 52. For reference, I am 6'3 and 175 and size 42. The Japanese market would need sizes down to 34 for petite men. Apperently Filson's Japanese distributer had been in the store earlier looking for ideas for a potential Tokyo store.

In addition to quality products, the store is decorated with awesome vintage magazines, pictures, and books documenting Filson's history and the foundations of its ethos. I will have a separate post about these pieces.

Here are some photos to give you a feel for the merchandising and products, if you don't already know them.


Tin Jackets. People mainly talk about Filson's wool coats and often overlook their Tin Cloth Jackets. Personally, I like the heavy duty Tin Cloth jackets more than a comparable Barbour Bedale.
My Blue Alaskan Guide Shirt!

Womens Section.


Tucker said...

Great post and photos.

I, too, prefer the Filson tin cloth to Barbour waxed cotton.

Unknown said...

1. Look at the outside of that store. What did I say: rainy and bleak.

2. The women's section of this store must be where the producers of Roseanne bought wardrobe.

3. Why no, I am not a hater.

4. Merry Christmas!

Lesli Larson said...

Nice photos and review. Would love to know more about plans for the Filson Japan shop. I do like the simplified layout of the store and uncluttered display space. I hope they do OK.

Doubtful that Roseanne could wear the Filson for women line. For the most part, it's pretty cinched and fitted.

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The store looks awesome, the cloth also looks awesome, Portland I dont know why is one of my favorites cities to visit, I think it is maybe because there are a lot of good looking women.