Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tim's wool

I claim to like wool. Sure I wear wool coats, wool shirts (with cotton undershirts), merino wool socks, and even merino wool underwear. But I am a fair weather wool wearer.

Yesterday when we went outside to play in the snow, I bundled up in the latest outdoor gear; Holden Jacket (Gortex), Airblaster Pants (Gortex), Smartwool leather gloves, and Vans snowboarding boots. Tim on the other hand, threw on some Pendleton virgin wool pants (discontinued), a Pendleton virgin wool shirt, an Icebraker merino wool sweater, virgin wool gloves, a Woolrich wool coat, and a pair of Danner boots with gators.

Needless to say he had just as much fun as I did. Here are some pics from the day.

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