Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cutting the Fat

I have too many shoes, jeans and shirts in my wardrobe. Over the last 20 years, my taste has evolved considerably, leaving many articles of clothing untouched. To borrow a line from the venerable Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter, these clothes are about as useful as "tits on a boar." Not only has my taste in clothing evolved but my attitudes towards consumption have changed considerably. No longer do I want 30 pairs of Nike's or five pairs of relaxed "premium" jeans. Instead, I yearn for an enduring wardrobe that will remain relevant for years and not months to come. A look through my closet conjures up memories and is an illustration of how I've gained character and grown up with these clothes. In many ways, it's sad to throw away something that at one time I cherished. As the title of this blog denotes however, I am restless and have always searched for new pursuits and passions. This burden requires that I leave some things behind in order to continue my search for greener pastures. Here are some photos of my retiring clothes...
These Desert Boots were put through hell for two winters.
I acquired these pitch and blood stains on a backpacking trip in the Goat Rocks Wilderness during the summer of 2007.
Harsh Maine winters and rock salt on walkways precipitated this fading and distress.


Anonymous said...

who brings jeans on a backpacking trip? pack light pack right son. Capilene all day.

Brian Marshall said...

Damn I got a pair of desert boots that look the same. Ive hiked through the woods photographing dear with them in the winter and damn they are useless. Non the less I have also retired mine and went for a more versitile approach.