Monday, October 27, 2008

Filson Wool Jackets: Might as Well Have the Best

I first stumbled across Filson at the Portland Outdoor Store in Portland Oregon (i will write something about this store soon). Filson is a classic outdoor outfitter based in Seattle Washington that makes pieces that could be worked into any modern wardrobe. The tag line, "Might as well have the best" sets the precedent for their cloths. I have an Alaskan Guide Shirt, pictured above that I swear by.

The first frosts of the Maine winter prompted me to start hunting for a winter jacket and I immediately turned to the Filson website. These classic jackets will endure the tests of time and trends and although they aren't cheap, your paying for quality not hype. For a heavy jacket, I like the Wool Parker. Made of 24 oz Mackinaw wool, these jackets will absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before feeling moist and the long, finger length sleaves will provide ample insulation in the cold winters. The jacket comes in Charcoal and Red/Black. I am leaning towards the Charcoal, pictured here, because it can be worn with my outfits and will age better than the louder Red/Black.
For a light jacket, I like the Wool Cape Coat made of 21 oz Mackinaw virgin wool. Like with the Wool Parker, the Cape Coat will absorb up to 30% of its weight, or 12 oz, of water before feeling moist or damp. The coat comes in grey and navy, both will look good with any outfit but i am leaning towards the grey.
Expect to hear more about Filson as people catch onto their amazing clothes.


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Trevor Triano said...

I like your style, these are the two filson jackets i have been looking at as well. i also love there tweed shooting coat. Im trying to rationalize buying one of these coats (expensive). They seem to have a real commitment to service which is great if you want to order a couple to get the size write then send the others back. Did you buy one yet?