Thursday, October 30, 2008

Insearch of the Perfect Shoe: Common Projects

My love affair with shoes started in seventh grade when i started accumulating sneakers. Over the last seven years my taste has matured from Air Max 95's, to Nike SB's, to Van's Authentics, to Clark's Desert Boots always in search of the perfect shoe. My taste has evolved from synthetics to leather and from modern athletics to more classic designs with the hope of finding the perfect shoe that stands the tests of time. Its an endless hunt with few long term rewards.

On a recent trip to Manhattan, from our respective New England incubators, my friend Edge and I stumbled across this seasons Common Projects' at Theory in the Meat Packing District. After much deliberation, Edge went with the brown Desert Boot and I with the white Blazer high top. Here are pictures of our beloved shoes.

The build quality is exceptional and the leather breaks in well so that the more I wear them, the more the form to fit my feet. Like with good raw denim, they will only get better with time. They are hands down my favorite shoes I own and would be a good addition to any ones arsenal. Are they they perfect shoe? I am not sure, but I feel like I am close on the scent...


Unknown said...

Gramdma says, "They used to call desert boots, "fruit boots"." She also said she likes the French photographer too.

In search of perfect shoes, I discussed logging boots with Victor and Larry on Friday. They said a new pair cost $850. these days and 10 years ago cost 350. A word of wisdom from two serioius logger/ rock quarry owners is that they are worth it, once they bought them on the sale rack in wrong size and that was a boo boo!

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