Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skip Those Parts

The warm June wind blew out the flame on a scrap of charcoal bag. Trying again, I lit the scrap with the Bic lighter in the protection of the grill lid and dropped it onto the bed of coals. This time, the flame caught, slowly spreading throughout the salad bowl sized pile. Leaning back in my chair, I smiled in accomplishment and opened a Sierra Nevada.

To the sound of a distant cab's horn and whirr of a nearby AC unit, Evan started packing the burgers between pulls of his beer.

Three years to the day before, Evan, Edge and I packed our essentials into the trunk and backseat of an Audi A4 and set out on a cross country road trip back from New England to Portland, Oregon. Like most 2o year olds, we did it all too quickly, taking turns driving around the clock through the dull stretches and cherishing the beautiful parts.

While on our three day stay in Southern Colorado, I borrowed Evan's DSLR one afternoon. Messing around with the settings on his Canon XTI, I shot the better part of a flash card before returning it with an ear-to-ear smile.

Intrigued, I bought a Canon XSI a few months later and started this blog .

The starter fluid burned off and the flames subsided as we chatted about our past adventures. Set to the stunning backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, nights spent sleeping in sleeping bags under the open sky felt worlds away.

Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir at sunset.

"We have to get back on the road soon," I said longing for empty sunsets of Wyoming and Colorado.

"Can't wait, but this sure beats Omaha, Nebraska.." Evan chuckled.

"Yeh, we can skip those parts."

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tintin said...

Nice stuff, Ace.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks john. when are we going to hit the road?


Amatourist said...

open flame on a new york rooftop... thought that was a no-no. so would those be contraband burgers? quite the rogue entry into summer... i like it. great shots of dinner at sunset.

Foster Huntington said...

hopefully they were contaminated. I had 4 of them. summer is the time of year for burgers.

sarah said...

hey i love your blog - kinda stumbled upon it but it really struck my fancy. keep posting.


Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the support and kind words, im sticking to my guns.


Brohammas said...

After spending all last year wandering up and down the coast, I tucked myself neatly into a cubicle.
After all these years, It has taken a cubicle and two one hour bookended commutes to make me homesick for the tipi living of my youth.


The BBQ flame shot is excellent

James said...

Agreed. That flame shot is awesome!

Foster Huntington said...

i am feeling the call to hit the road. all this time on one island, is getting to me.


Foster Huntington said...

james and tucker,
glad you the flame shot bros

GSV JR said...

Those tea kettle sized grills are hell to grill on. I've lost and eyebrow and use of my index finger to 'em.

Foster Huntington said...

gsv jrg,
in your profile photo, you have both eye brows.

but yes, they are a pain in the ass to grill on. better than pan frying though,


GSV JR said...

My profile photo was captured long before said mishap. Those grills should be outlawed.

Jimmy said...

Omaha isn't THAT bad... Love though blog, though.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I have to admit, every time I come here, I want to throw my shoe up in the air and snap a photo of it! Great pictures!

daddymax said...

This little tip will change your life (your grilling life that is). Before putting your burgers on the grill take your finger and poke a hole through the center of each patty. It keeps them from shrinking over the fire. Why or how, I do not know, but it does.