Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spoke Too Soon

The rain stopped and people emptied out of New York for the long weekend. With a vengeance, the heat and humidity descended, reminding everyone that it was in fact, late May. In a combination of ignorance and arrogance, I wore jeans for the first few 80 degree days. I am always a little late to embrace seasons.

Practicing hand stands on the Great Lawn in Central Park.

Photographing Sean Crowley's things for The Burning House.

Cheddar Cheeseburger and fries. The perfect summer dinner.
I always wonder where planes are heading. This one just left LaGuardia heading west.

I spoke to soon about summer coming last week.

The Roebling Tea Room
Taking the advice of a few well seasoned New Yorkers, I avoided the traffic and stayed in the city for Memorial day weekend. Exactly one year ago, I packed up my things and moved down from Maine. My first year went by in the blink of an eye. I wonder, where will I be next Memorial Day?

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Memorial Day (Picasa),


James said...

Those fries look yummy. I'm back in the U.S. for a week or two and feel inspired to run to McDonald's.

Foster Huntington said...

forget mcdonalds, find a diner.

you wont be let down,


hawkandtrap said...

Hey, Foster. Great post, as always! Can't wait to see the pics of Sean Crowley's things on TBH. Also, should it be "Spoke Too Soon"? I don't mean to be the grammar police. It's the english major in me. Cheers.

Alessandra said...

Bellissime foto!

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the corrections. Im dyslexic and have a horrible time with synonyms,

tara said...

i love this series; it captures this start to summer beautifully. especially fond of the hand stands, and now i want to paint my chairs green.


milesisland said...

Hiya Foster,
Great post... I too wonder where planes are going, especially having grown up in Maine where we see a lot of planes at night that are headed to Europe from NYC, Boston, etc. My dad just showed me this site where you can type in the nearest airport to you and see where all planes in the sky around you are headed... http://flightaware.com/



Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the kind words, summer is a great time to practice hand stands ha.

flightaway.com is great. i love playing the guessing game. my college in maine was directly bellow the route from northern europe to the big cities on the east coast. there were always planes coming over from greenland and nova scotia.


Tim said...

nice, man. really nice.

Unknown said...

I really love your point of views. Beautiful images

alicia. said...

Gorgeous images.

Foster Huntington said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I really appreciate it. its funny what photos you take when you force yourself to take photos.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful post. I particularly loved the handstand on the Great Lawn (one of the perks of our Upper West Side apartments . Your photojournalism is amazing Foster.

Agata Melnyk said...

Hello foster, i like you blog but it's not the same way that i like other blogs. I realy like it and i think i realy like your life realy realy like.
thank you very much for inspiration.
after seeing your pictures i realy want to life

GSV JR said...

Near Malick vibe perfuming that tree photo (sans CGI dinosaur). And damned if those fries don't smell like peanut url.

Unknown said...

"In a combination of ignorance and arrogance, I wore jeans for the first few 80 degree days. I am always a little late to embrace seasons."

You and me both. Am loving your blog(s), btw.

Jr. Williams said...

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