Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changing Seasons: Spring in New York

LL Bean Buck, October 2008.

I procrastinated. The winter slowly meandered towards spring, but was constantly set back a few rainy days. Just as I grew accustomed to evening walks through Central Park, back to back days of biblical rain checked my seasonal optimism.

Paul Smith Canvas Sneaker, January 2009.

So, I waited and pondered which shoe to use.

Common Projects sneaker, April 2009.

Scroll through the photos quickly. It looks like a stop motion film, with all of the shoes skewed towards the left.

Van's Authentic, August 2009.

I still have these things stuffed in a closet. They smell like the plague.

Ralph Lauren Wingtip, October 2009.

In the past, my selection has been traditional, with some of my favorites being a Buck, a Brogue and a Danner boot. However, since leaving Maine and moving to New York, my taste has changed. Partially due to my days spent surrounded by the "American Heritage" aesthetic, recently I have started appreciating more pragmatic, purpose-driven items.

Danner Mountain Light II, December 2009

British Walker Buck, April 2010.

Instead of carrying around my camera and laptop in a vintage backpack, I bought a GoRuck Gr1 (partially in my preparation for the GoRuck Challenge in Boston). I also opted for a technical down jacket over a wool coat on my Saturday morning walks.

LL Bean Boot, October 2010.

You won't see me in Crocs or zip off nylon shorts anytime soon.

LL Bean Signature Work Boot, January 2o11.

But instead of hunting eBay for vintage Omega, I have been poking around looking at contemporary Sinn's and Luminox's.

Nike SFB May 2011.

Finally, spring stayed around long enough for me to grab my camera and my Nike SFB chucka and head to Central Park. As the sun set, I sat reflecting the evolution of my taste over the last three years and pondering where it would be in the next three. Setting the ISO and aperture to 1600 and 4.5, respectively, I threw my shoe in the air the way I have for the last 10 seasons.


Rhon Bell said...

All partiality aside, still like the Sig boot man..

JASH said...

The Bean Boot was my favorite.

Foster Huntington said...

Its my favorite photo thus far too. i like all of them though haha, im partial.

Lola said...

You know my favorite will always be that red sneaker! But, the Bean Boot is a close second. :)

Foster Huntington said...

the contrasts in the pink canvas sneaker are great. thanks for the support,

Unknown said...

paul smith for sure!

tintin said...

Pondering three years. I wish I could know you when you're pondering 30 years but that math ain't gonna fly. Not like your shoes.

Foster Huntington said...

It will fly.

trip said...

I like the white buck from April of last year.

This is were to make orders: said...

the light is the nicest in this one, but I like your second one best, maybe try some other motion shots

Tiger In A Jar said...

this reminds me of when I'm driving on the freeway and I see a shoe out on the road and I ask myself "how'd that get out there?"

the bottom one is pretty fantastic

Hayley said...

i believe shoes are our superpower / they shed light on our character - thanks for sharin!

Anne said...

Awesome shots!