Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finds from the Catlin Gabel Rummage Sale

I made out of the Catlin Gabel Rummage Sale like looter in the LA Riots. I didn't find what I expected. Going into the sale I anticipated finding a bunch of regional brands such as Pendleton (the family that owns the brand went to my high school), White Stag, Filson and Eddie Bauer. I guess Keenan Jay, a current Catlin student and blogger, stashed some away while he was helping set up the sale. The uncertainty and excitement of surprises at yard sales, rummage sales and flea markets will keep me coming back my entire life.

This Old Craftsmen drill was probably my favorite find at Rummage. I love how it looks like a miniaturized riveter or high powered tool that was used to make intercontinental bombers in the 50s.

At first glance, this wool hunting vest looked like nothing special, however had some really nice details.

All the way across the country!

Someone loved and cared for this jacket.

Originally this jacket had sleeves

A Herters goose down vest. Gorge Leonard Herter once had a booming catalog outfitter based in South Dakota. I wonder whatever happened to it?

Awesome Logo.

I really like the red fleece lining of the pockets.

Canvas leather backpack with no markings or label.

I like the color contrasts of green canvas and tan leather.

Great design.

My inner '80s fanatic went crazy when I found these blades.

Built in croakies, you don't see that shit anymore.

I have already passed these on to my girlfriend to wear when she plays squash. Well that's what I imagined at least...

Killer Loop....Killer Bag

My favorite find of the day: a vintage day pack made in Norway with a steel external frame.

Amazing design. It's surprisingly comfortable.

The guy on the left doesn't have the external frame and the guy on the right does.

I couldn't have predicted this, nor could I have ever asked for it. That's why I like it.


L.A.S said...

Fantastic grabs, fantastic post.

Tom Bonamici said...

nice finds! you might need to replace the brushes on the drill, try running it and see if it smells funny. Awesome vest, the carter factory shut down, but the building is now the AVA gallery and art education center in Lebanon. great rucksacks, too.

Foster Huntington said...

When i turn on the drill it smells like something that would be on erin brockovich. Thanks for the pointers,

Anonymous said...

dude the packaging alone of those shades is so nostalgic, sick find, so jealous haha

Dana said...

you found the knapsack I have been looking for!

Anonymous said...

Dang that unmarked green rucksack is insane. Nice find.

Greg D said...

I believe Herter's was bought up by Cabelas. Not sure if it's still open, but there was a Herters factory store in southern Wisconsin that sold discounted items and LOTS of decoys.

One-up said...

That second bag is ace, good find!

tintin said...

Dude, Herters was the tastiest! See it here-

By the way, great finds. That ruck from Oslo is beautiful. Museum quality.

ROXY MARJ said...

I'll trade you something for that first backpack pictured!!! Also, what were the prices on these items?

Foster Huntington said...

I think I paid 30 for all of it. I wasn't complaining.

Jacob Wijnberg said...

That one jacket was made in Lebanon, NH! That's right next to Dartmouth

trip said...

Yeah, the olive backpack is awesome.

Anonymous said...

That Bergans rucksack was awesome! The company is Norway's oldest producer of backpacks by the way.

Foster Huntington said...

does Bergans still make packpacks like mine?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that your model is from the fifties. The looks of their newer models does differ quite a bit - but I think they still make some with the old steel frame. At least they did in the nineties.

That exterior steel frame was patented (at least in Norway) by the Bergans brand by the way - it was what made them so popular here.

Today their backpacks are still known as the best in Norway- and are being used by norwegian special forces and by the average norwegian alike. (We do have a strong culture of mountain excursions and such).

(A modern version of the classical exterior steel frame pack:

Pierrepont Hicks said...

this post is inspiring thank you.

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I believe Herter's was bought up by Cabelas. Not sure if it's still open, but there was a Herters factory store in southern Wisconsin that sold discounted items and LOTS of decoys.

Our Youth Is Wasted said...

Love the Carters Vest, I have a small but growing collection of vintage pieces I hope I can find that Jacket one of these days.

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