Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Granola starts with ingredients. Good, wholesome and often hippie-laden ingredients. A few weeks ago, Edge and I spent an afternoon chasing down dried fruit, stone ground oats, various nuts, and choice cuts of bacon. Bacon neutralizes the strong smell of patchouli oil and healthiness often synonymous with small batch granola. Here are the ingredients we used.


Sesame Seeds.

Sliced Almonds.

Pumpkin Seeds.


Bacon 1.

Bacon 2.

Bacon 3.





Sunflower Seeds.

The finished result.

These photos were taken with a Polaroid Image Pro.

Here are some more links,
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Hallock said...

Can't say I've ever had bacon in granola before.

Foster Huntington said...

you should give it a whirl. its amazing,

Main Street said...

What a neat post...that granola looks pretty amazing. Gotta give this a whirl, bacon is great in everything! Except I wasn't the biggest fan of it in those Vosges chocolate bacon bars, have you had that?

Foster Huntington said...

i havent. sounds good though, i may have to track some down

Anonymous said...

If only there was a taste function for blogs.

Tucker Gorman said...

I'm excited for you're return to the blogosphere. Keep it up.

Hazey said...

full recipe?