Friday, November 27, 2009

A Wall in My Room: Part 2

Used things have stories more dynamic and textured than anything bought in a store on black Friday. They may be harder to find and have problems, but this only adds to their story. Here are some of my favorite used things that I have found over the last few months.

I picked up these white bucks at the Kiwanis in Ann Arbor this summer. The Longwings are my tried and true Ralph Lauren's. I found this trading blanket at a yard sale for 8 dollars. Somewhere along the line, pink edging was sewn on to protect frayed edges.

Rust and white.
I got these overalls at Stock Vintage. They are from the 30's and have decades of blood and grease worn into the denim.
I found this flag at a flea market near my school. It's now displayed front and center. Red, White and blue.
This holiday season, find gifts that tell stories.


brandon sargent said...

hey foster- looks great, i love how this has developed. on a side note, the flag should be hung with the field to the left. happy holidays!


Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the corrections,

Emily said...


It looks really good! Absolutely love the Ralph Lauren shoes... they seem to have so much history to them.

Keep up the good work.

Matthew said...

Hi Foster,

To my understanding the reference of stars and bars is the moniker to the first flag in the confederacy which contained 7 stars and 3 stripes. More commonly it is meant to refer to the Confederate Flag/Dixie flag. While with the picture the reference is obvious it might not be so without it and especially in the South or very rural areas have unintended connotations. I wanted to also say that i love your content and to keep up the amazing originality in your posts.



Memphis88 said...

You sure have beaten the shit out of those longwings.

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for your corrections about the stars and bars. Well noted.

And memphis, they are well loved

Miron Dimas said...

great shots =)

Unknown said...

The Kiwanis in Ann Arbor is sweet, isn't it?

Foster Huntington said...

Its amazing! my grandmother was a professor at UM and i would always swing by there when i would visit. its the best thrift store i have been too. I love ann arbor.

Isaac Buie said...

I agree with those beat up wingtips.

World Elephant said...

Those overalls are pretty sweet. Meant to be loved, I'd say.

ian durkin said...

dude is that bucky laseks board?

Foster Huntington said...

yah, Ian, me and bucky shred half pipes with wrist guards on...

Michael E. said...


Great work with the blog.

Are the wingtips the cordovan Darlton model?canned

janelle pietrzak said...
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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog via a link from another. I like the composition of stuff on the wall.

One note, however: the flag is hung backward.

When flying a U.S. flag according to the U.S. Code, the field of blue stars always goes to the upper left, no matter if you are flying it vertically or horizontally. This results in the flag seeming "backward" when vertical, but it is, nevertheless, the correct way to fly the flag.

Jordan said...

Do you mind if I link to this post on my blog?

Jordan N.

Foster Huntington said...

post away, just link back here.

Jordan said...

Cool, thanks. I dig the blog.

I'm not sure how to do a pingback thing, but I mentioned this post in this post from my blog: .

Jordan N.